Tattoo Event & Pop Up

FEBRUARY 17, 2017

Feminist pop up with wearable art objects by Famousonmars and tattoos done by Lexi Hollis and Nico di Pissaro of Electric Safe Tattoo

Discussions around body as canvas, feminist ideals, and consent were all topics of discussion.  Jackets by Famousonamars with hand cut and sewn letters that spell out "Resist" "Persist" and "Girl Cvlt" were available as well as small iridescent backpacks. 

20% profits go to Planned Parenthood

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Famousonmars X 


 December 1-4, 2016

Famousonmars is an interactive installation that features art work , wearable art objects, and live tattooing with a strong focus on feminism, intersectionality and social codification. The presentation will act as one part arts installation and one part pop up shop where everything is for sale and most objects are meant to be worn. 

For Satellite, FAMOUSONMARS is presented in collaboration with artist Victoria Siemer a.k.a. Witchoria.

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NOVEMBER 18, 2016
Our vision is to create a space where artists from all sorts of backgrounds and identities can come together and have an open conversation. Our goal is to connect movements, artists, and visionaries from all around NYC.. This space can easily hold hundreds. This space is for us… Art Fair, Concert all in one. 

In collaboration with ExoFlux. 

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